Ashley was having a hard time during the pandemic hearing on the news and witnessing loved ones who live alone without connection. She had an experience recalled to memory in which she could empathize with them.

Her family lived hundreds of miles away from their families, and her husband was about to have a milestone birthday, he had expressed that he wanted to be with family. He had seen photos online and really wanted to connect with them. This was not doable at such short notice and financially they were not in a position to do so.

Ashley had an idea to reach out to family members and loved ones asking them to please write a L.O.L., instead of it being “laugh out loud” .. it was “letter of Love”. She had a great turn out; lots of letters came in, and Ashley compiled them into a book for Joey to read on his birthday.

Joey’s birthday came and she saved this gift for last.

When he opened up the gift and started reading he was so moved with emotion. He said this was the best birthday gift ever. To be able to read memories and kind words was powerful.

Fast forward to the pandemic.

How could we possibly recreate this for humanity? A subscription box, Merchandise with a purpose, whatever we do it was going to ALWAYS include a handwritten letter of love and call to action challenge with supplies included inviting others to pay it forward.

So that’s what Ashley did, and is still doing to this day. Purchase branded merchandise and you will receive a personalized handwritten letter, as well as a challenge to make a difference.

4 The Love - Humankind ; Be Both.

It’s OUR mission to create genuine connection in a world that so often feels disingenuous and disconnected and begin a global chain of love and gratitude.



Gift It - Not looking to send your love but think someone is looking to send theirs? That’s ok! Purchase a gift card, and 4 The Love Box will mail it for you.


Post It - For that old-fashioned show of love, handwrite a message, and send it from your local Post Office (or mailbox).


Email It - Looking to show the love fast? No problem. Instantly create your 4 The Love Box with our email option. Simply purchase, write, and send.